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Tim Lynch
Mr. Lynch founded Info-Lynk Consulting Services in 1985 because of the belief that all too often information is the missing link in health care decision-making.
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Executive Summary
BC 2003 Forest Fires: A Test of Quality Management in Health Services Delivery

January 30, 2004
Prepared forThe Ministry of Health Planning Victoria, BC & The Interior Health Authority Kelowna, BC
(PDF file size 125Kb)


Risk Management in Canadian Health Care
(PDF file size 469Kb)

SARS in Toronto - Acting locally, reacting globally
Submitted on April 11th 2003 to International Travel Insurance Journal

The Romanow Commission: An Opportunity Lost
Hospital Quarterly Journal Spring 2003
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Background Information

Vaccination Programs in Canada:
Summary of a study conducted by Info-Lynk Consulting in October 1989

Health insurance - don't leave home without it
ITIJ Journal Spring 2002

Primary Care Reform in Ontario: The Emperor Has No Clothes

Medicare in a modern world
The Vancouver Sun, March 14 2002

American / Canadian relations, post September 11th: accommodation or surrender?
ITIJ Journal
Nov/Dec 2001

Choice in health care
The Globe & Mail
Nov. 12 2001

London, UK Travel Insurance Conference Regulations of Canadian Travel Industry
May 2001

Vancouver Hosts Insurance Summit, Report on meeting of the International Insurance Society 2000 seminar, Vancouver B.C.,

DEBATING THE DATA: Is there an entrepreneurial option to primary-care reform? Medical Post
-May 4, 1999-

HEALTH CARE DELIVERY: Rewarding excellence is the solution
Medical Post
-February 9, 1999-

A Book Review: The Billion Dollar Molecule,
Toronto Biotechnology Initiative, (TBI) Bioscan, June 1998


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The Globe & Mail - Nov. 12th, 2001

Choice in health care

Vancouver --  As a health services reimbursement consultant I found Janice Stein's Massey Lecture articles (Nov. 7 to Nov. 9) on consumer freedom of choice intellectually stimulating. I spend a lot of time trying to convince provincial health ministry officials that Canadians are entitled to choice.

Currently the issue is access to PET scans. In the past I have witnessed health ministry employees argue that women with incontinence should not have access to collagen injections because "they are only peeing themselves." Medication to inhibit vomiting in cancer patients, a side effect of chemotherapy, was greeted with the argument that "they are only throwing up."

The logic Ms. Stein presents can contribute to our understanding of the challenges health ministries encounter with managing scientific advancement. In the absence of such logic, provincial health ministers seem to expect their staff to generate pseudo-academic reports justifying why the rush of scientific advancement should stop at their provincial borders.

This means Canadians have the choice of waiting for the tide of international scientific logic to drown the babble gaff from their health ministries, or go the United States for their health care.

Tim Lynch
Info-Lynk Consulting Inc.,



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